Sonopeel Microdermabrasion


The SonoPeel microdermabrasion uses gentle ultrasound waves and energy to micro-abrade and smoothen the surface of your skin. The gentle SonoPeel ultrasound waves lift off the stratum corneum (outer dead cell layer of your skin), creating a smoother, and more youthful skin surface. By reducing the thickness of the top layer of your skin, or the stratum corneum, your skin will not only be smoother, but will also be improved by helping to reduce blackhead, white head and sebaceous plugs, all of which contribute to Acne Breakouts and poor quality skin. The SonoPeel Microdermabrasion, with its cavitational ultrasound, is an effective tool to melt and reduce sebaceous plugs in Acne Treatments. Depending upon your skin type, other forms of microdermabrasion such as Salicylic Chemical Peel Microdermabrasion and Silk Peel Diamond microdermabrasion may also be recommended by our medical spa or dermatology treatment team for the reduction of your stratum corneum. The resulting smooth stratum corneum is much more attractive, even and bright with a luminous glow.

Duration Price
60 Minutes £45